Kings x Key To Life Suicide Awareness

Now turning his attention to mental health, Kings, in partnership with Key To Life, is releasing new track ‘R.I.P’, alongside a $10,000 donation to the Key To Life foundation. The partnership with Key to Life is both about raising awareness and supporting the organisation’s practical work through the best way Kings can - music. 

The intention of the song is to help break the taboo around suicide and mental health issues, and encourage people to be open in conversation and to seek help. 

"This song is an open letter to myself. I've experienced suicidal thoughts and I'm happy to say I haven't felt that way in a long time. The line "I lose myself and I can't find my way back" is a direct reference to how I was feeling during those times. I want to show people who are struggling that I stand with them.”

The song is available NOW on all platform. To check it out and support, please click the button below.

You can donate to Key To Life via their Give-a-Little page.